Developing Mister Machine – Part 1

February 17th, 2010

Jesse James Arnold and I began work on an exciting new version of yesterday. We loved the old site, but after working together as the founders of Mister Machine since September 2009, we feel we need a site that is more aligned with the standards we use when developing web sites for our clients.

While planning the new site, we broke it down to four primary objectives:

  1. Effectively communicate our services
  2. Show-case some of the great work we’ve done
  3. Sprinkle in some innovative design and UI elements
  4. Remain Web Standards compliant

Jesse has been working on design ideas for 2.0 for awhile now, so yesterday we spent much of the morning grokking how we could achieve the technical challenges the UI presents with the architecture we chose:

  • PHP / MySQL
  • WordPress Framework
  • jQuery

By the time we broke for lunch we had good handle on how to realize the UI, we had our test version of the site installed, and we had our base Mister Machine WordPress theme in place. By late afternoon Jesse was loading Basecamp up with design comps and I was beginning to wire up the functional elements of the site.

Time to start cracking on day 2!