Our Process


We listen to you, we understand your goals, and we create a user experience without friction.


Your code is developed iteratively. As your business evolves we continue to satisfy your objectives.


Developing for testable outcomes means making more informed decisions each product cycle.



All is well and good until someone actually uses your product. We create testable prototypes, for real people, in order to prove your hypothesis and make suggestions based on measurable outcomes.


We focus on designing for mobile first by creating visual style guides and design patterns for your application. We dial in variables and confirm look and feel across typography, forms and media.


Developing custom front-end pattern libraries is our sweet spot. We determine which components are critical and optimize the interface elements and interactive patterns accordingly.


We work with a diverse group of design and development teams. Because of this, we're able to provide the consultation you need to guide the growth of your team and product.


Ngaged Desktop View

New York University

Ngaged is a Brooklyn-based software and technology start-up focused on transforming the learning process for the University and broader education market. We worked closely with the Ngaged team to produce a platform for student and teachers to interact outside the classroom.

Our work resulted in a series of mobile HTML5 prototypes which allowed the developers and primary stakeholders to test key user scenarios. We created targeted versions of their primary desktop offering which allowed students to focus on simple actions like bookmarking and audio playback.

Ngaged Mobile View
Ngaged Tablet View

NYU course audio and transcript feed that features scrollable playback, inline text highlighing, and discussions.

Boxes and Arrows Desktop View

Boxes and Arrows

Since 2001 Boxes and Arrows has been devoted to the discussion of design. We helped migrate their groundbreaking content in the field of User Experience to a modern, cloud-based content management system. We improved the site’s readability which now brings this amazing magazine to a new generation of User Experience professionals.

Boxes and Arrows Mobile View
Boxes and Arrows Tablet View

Migrated from a legacy system to a modern CMS that is hosted on a secure, cloud-based, managed hosting solution. We created a custom front-end that is designed for readability.

Zeal Desktop View


Zeal Learning is pioneering the next generation of online learning systems for students ages kindergarden through 12th grade. We engaged the Zeal development team to help them realize an ambitious multi-device design. We delivered user experience and front-end development to create a responsive web application for students, teachers, and parents.

Zeal Mobile View
Zeal Tablet View

Multi-device learning experience built with Ember.js and Ruby on Rails. Analytics view optimized for tablet and desktop for teacher and parents created with the powerful D3 JavaScript library.


Michael Enslow

Michael is the technical lead at Mister Machine. He connects the design and development teams and coordinates the product cycles. He listens to your technical objectives and develops for testable solutions.

Jesse James Arnold

Jesse is the creative drive of Mister Machine. His job is to learn your language and to identify value of key user interactions. From block model to visual design, your application has personality. He draws that out and enhances the experience.


Lets get to work! From Brooklyn to Oakland, we continue to find amazing people and great ideas.